Old Engraving font ID reguest


For donshottype a pdf without outlines, i hope you can also ID the font, it looks like times new roman but the numbers 0123456789 are different.

Hope you can ID this!


Again, the glyphs are straight lines.
Looks like it could be one of theemaciated fonts similar to Times that are used for the Latin characters in Asian fonts. Fivos & Ryuk have a good track record on finding them. Or it's yet another special design used for engraving.

Thanks for helping me out here!

But i don't think i quite catch what you mean, like i said before i am new to this.

I understand my glyphs is a straight line and i have to get rid of a outline? How do i remove this? Please help me out. Thanks

The glyph I tested had no curves. If you look at the image I posted you will see that it consists of many short straight lines connected in sequence point to point.
Look closely at this zoomed portion of the outline: A normal font would show the outline of a script G as a curved line not a series of little straight ones.
For some unexplained reason the outlines in your pdf are duplicated, with one being exactly on top of the other. To use the outline in a font program you need to get rid of one of the outlines. One way is to use the cursor to click on a point, hold the cursor down, and pull the point out of the outline, repeat for the next point, etc. etc. Here is an image which shows a few of the duplicate points pulled out of the duplicate outline:
Continue until you have pulled out all of the duplicate points. Then delete all of the duplicate points. BTW there are other ways of eliminating duplicate points, but this is the easiest to explain.