Please!!! I want to know the name of this font. Can u help me?


It´s from the last album of British singer Natasha Khan a.k.a Bat For Lashes. It has a lot of serif, but some letters are deformed, such as the 'A' or 'R'.. Do you recognize it? I'll thank you so much!!!.


Can't find a match but pretty convinced it's either done from scratch or a freebie (stroke thickness is completely uniform). But whatever it is, it's deeply rooted in Avant-Garde/Lubalin Graph: geometric (sans/slab), slanted letters.
- slab/serif with serifs needing to be rounded: Letro, Embassador Plus Slab, port Vintage, Piron, Charrington Stewn
- sans: Monolite, Port, Accent, Polar

No matter guys! At all, I'm very glad of your help, your time and everything you did to guess the name of this font. Cheers! Thank you guys! You're the best! :-D

You get something similar if you tinker with RNS Camelia