Valencia (Spain) Street Sign



Just encountered this sign — a spanish bakery - and if the font reminds me the Zipper, there are some details that don't match. Anyone got some idea?

Thanks, O


Stretto is also similar.

Thanks Monica, Stretto is very near true, like the Zipper.
I first thought it was a bad made vinyl cut of one of these but the R, who is clearly different, seems designed.

There were many typefaces designed in this style in late Sixties/early Seventies, such as Strada (, Beat Star (, and Sintex (
But even the precursor of them all, 1889’s Gothic Bold ( sports a curved leg on |R|.
My guess is that the sample is from a knock-off font specifically designed for sign-cutting machines.
(or maybe done with FontStruct, like Cowboy Hippie: ;)

Of note, the sample shows two different widths, unlike any of the above.

Thanks Riccardo,

That's some very helping resources.
Will dig for it. There's a topic about Valencia street signage that i would love to develop.
Will take time to upload some pics here.


FWIW, I will be releasing a revival of Hamilton's 1889 Gothic Bold in the next few weeks.

oldnick - when/where will I be able to purchase it??