Ornate Font with Mid-Spurs


I’m trying to identify a font that appears on both the Mendl’s pastry box in the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel and on a contemporary poster for a beer festival. Images attached.

(This post is a bit duplicative, but the Typophile comment system gave me an error message every time I tried to include new images in a comment.)

(In case anyone is curious, “Mendl’s” on the Mendl’s box is almost certainly hand lettered, and “Brucknerplatz No. 12” is either Modern 735 or Bodoni Campanile, which appear to be identical.)

Many thanks.


Lost Saloon:


Having a bigger, clearer sample helps tremendously, but I am a bit disappointed that the "hand-drawn" claim I cited in an earlier post seems to have been a half-truth on the part of the movie's production designer (hand-drawn, just not by her or her staff).


I suppose Wes Anderson's people felt that this was the right flavor for Mendels packaging.
Lost Saloon is effective as a Roman Tuscan with spurs.

But, is there a plain version, perhaps with no shadow, that is not distressed?

Terrific, thanks.