Garamond style typeface in Black Sails main title sequence


I am having trouble identifying this serif face taken from the Black Sails opening sequence. It has all the characteristics of a Garamond, but the very low chin on the capital G throws me off. The W is not in this sample, but if you check the video you will see it has the typical crossed strokes. The actual Black Sails logo at the end is Goudy Old Style, and the sans serif caps Alternate Gothic (unless it’s Trade Gothic, still need to verify).


Celestia Antiqua by Mark van Bronkhorst looks pretty close...

Of course! I thought the unclear outlines were due to the resolution, but it’s the actual design of the typeface. Ryu, you’re a star! :)

Good find Ryuk. I see no conflicts between Celestia Antiqua and the Black Sails titling.
Adobe classifies Celestia Antiqua as a Geralde Oldstyle. My question is what Geralde Oldstyle font with smooth rather than rough outlines comes closest to Celestia Antiqua.

Thanks Yves. Was lucky for this one but very glad to have been of a little help this time :)

Perhaps the font with smooth rather than rough outlines that comes closest to Celestia Antiqua -- at least for the upper case -- is Centaur?