Please help with creating a font

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Please help with creating a font

Hi forum,

I have created some black and white simple icons using Adobe Illustrator and wonder what options, preferably free, are out there for creating a font with these icons.

I also wonder how the font technology handles small size characters. When I scale down a vector graphic to a very small size there is a point at which the vector graphic becomes unrecognizable but at certain small sizes if I put the vector paths manually at certain places on the screen pixels the graphic look much better and clear than automatic scaling to the same size. Many years ago, I remember reading about font technology and learning that some fonts may contain a bit map raster images of the characters which are used at smaller sizes, is this still the case, and something that I should do when creating a font?

I will greatly appreciate your help


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Hi there!

Get FontForge ( It's open-source and it does-it-all.

About the "font technology that contain tiny bits of raster images", it's called Hinting. :)

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I don’t think any browser or commonly used application will use the embedded bitmaps, but you can add hinting instructions to the font.