old book face: for whom the bell tolls



My best guess is American Garamond by Morris Fuller Benton:


Garamond 3 LT Std from Linotype

Well, since Garamond 3 is based on American Garamond, not bad guesses on both our counts.

The book was first published in 1940, but without knowing the date of the sample above, hard telling if it was set in the older typeface or the newer one (Garamond 3 was released in 1936, so it is a distinct contender).

The example submitted to us is the title page of the first edition of 1940 - so Garamond 3 is well within the time span. I think we both have got it Kevin.

thanks, everyone! i think that's it...but the letterforms are more condensed here than any digital version i can find. the M especially. maybe that's just the metal redrawn as digital. there's a blackness to it that i can't seem to replicate either (also likely due to metal vs. digital), but i wish it could!

thanks again.

The quality of the printing (blanket pressure, ink coverage) and the quality of the paper both influence how type reproduces on the page. There may be drawing differences between metal and digital, but too much ink/too much pressure/poor quality paper can all fatten up a typeface.