East German text typeface

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Michel Boyer

The following is a photograph of the first page of “Willhelm Tell,” a play by Friedrich Schiller. The book was printed by Verlag (publishing house) Philipp Reclam jun. Leipzig in 1970. The text typeface was called Liberta Antiqua.

I am curious if there are digitizations of this typeface. Or, if not, which typeface would be a good approximation of it.

Thanks :-)


According to Luc Devroye, that font has been revived by Ralph Unger as Trybuna

Thank you, Michel! Looks like I can download the font from e.g. myfonts.com, though not directly through Ralph's website. Indeed, Trybuna looks very close to what's on that text page!

The only difference is in the German character ß which I like better in its "original" printed form :)

According to an email from Ralph: "es ist einfach ein typographisches Update von mir, da sich die Originalform des „sz“ nach der damaligen „Mode“ richtete." (That [the different ß] was a typographic update I made, because the original form of the „sz“ conformed to the „fashion“ of that time.)