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Quick Stop sign (Clerks)


Looking for something similar to the san serif that is used for "Quick" and "Groceries." Not interested in the motion lines on "Quick", just the base font. Doesn't have to be exact either, just looking for something reasonably close.

Thanks in advance!


'GROCERIES": Univers Condensed Bold (manipulated a bit) should do the job

This is a 2012 picture of the Quick Stop convenience store (located at 58 N. Leonard Avenue in Leonardo, New Jersey) where the film was made in 1994 The sign was in the store and is not a prop.
Not certain about Univers as the base for this wordmark.
Still looking.

The upper sign for Quick Stop Groceries The one shown below it and in in your image is a horizontally stretched version of the letters.

Ok, if you still have some doubt about 'Univers', try may be having a look to Kasse FLF, a digital version of Modula, an old film font close to Univers.
But as you asked for "something similar", I'm pretty convinced Univers (Condensed Bold) might do the job.

Thanks, Ryuk, for an out of the box substitution I believe Kasse is close enough for most purposes
I have no idea how many years the signage was in use before the film was made in 1994. Nor do I have any idea where the store got the sign, who made it, and wheter it was based on a font or was simply lettering.

Thanks for all the replies! Kasse should work for my purposes. I appreciate it!

The 'Quick' part looks like Charter Oak to me.

Good find Rob. I agree Charter Oak looks like a match for the Quick sign in the movie. The newer signs I posted must be also based on Quick. The only noticeable differences are the lighter weight and increased length of the tail on _Q_, and a change in upper diagonal of _k_ to a short horizontal section.

Charter Oak is a puzzle to me. URW gives no info on source, designer or date of design. It's not in Jaspert's Type Encyclopaedia.
Charter Oak is a high contrast heavy sans serif. What non-sloped font would match? I thought about Geoffry Lee's Impact of 1965 but it's too fat, too narrow and has less contrast.

I was able to solve the first part of the puzzle, the source of the URW Charter Oak. It was originally produced by the Keystone Type Foundry, which operated in Philadelphia from 1888-1917. Charter Oak is shown on in their 1906 specimen book https://archive.org/details/abridgedspecimen00keysrich at pages 143 to 145.
But I have found noting that would serve as an upright match to Charter Oak.
Any suggestions?

For such a display face, possibly inspired by sign painting, it could well be that no upright match exists.

Paratype's Black Grotesk reminds me a lot of Charter Oak, it has regular and italic weights. Black Grotesk is based on an old European(?) typeface called "Newspaper Black."

Thanks Rob. Black Grotesk is the closest I have seen so far. It's interesting to compare it's italic with Charter Oak and by looking at Black Grotesk's upright imagine how it would pair with Charter Oak. The weight and high contrast are reasonably comparable. Most letters don't clash too much. The main exceptions are _S_, _s_ and r. Clearly in the ballpark as a possible out of the box upright sans/grotesk to pair with Charter Oak.