Weathered font on building - looking for closest font - Hard Mode


Old Airport Sign, big blue letters at top


There's barely anything there to match, but I think I'm seeing an S whose arms don't end in strokes cut parallel to the baseline and an M whose center point comes to a point. An option for recreating the look:

As Kevin said, not a lot left to match... but you may also like FF Zwo (Extra Black or Bold) by Jörg Hemker [FontFont, 2002]

I traced out my own sample for some of the letters. (Kerning be danged.) Not much was left of the R so I guessed around.
This led me to Purista. Purista Bold comes close for some letterforms.
Cartella NF Regular also has a few similar letterforms.
I also like Interstate Black for this.

Matching _S_, Proxima Nova Bold
Runner up, Core Sans A65 Bold
I like the _S_ in Caracas, already suggested by Kevin, but perhaps a weight between Medium

would be a better fit?
Clearly there is no single font out of the box that fits all of the letters. I like the _M_ and other letters in Purista Bold and Cartella NF Regular, suggested by Rob. If I had to choose a single font as a somewhat similar match, and could overlook the _S_, I would use either of these ones.
To get a proper match it would be necessary to to make some sort of Frankenfont of assembled letters, or do editing.

Gotham Bold also favors the sign's more geometric qualities.