1970s bauhausian geometric


I recently needed to recreate some lettering on some 1970s electronic studio equipment, but could not for love or money identify the typeface used in the equipment name/logo. I've since recreated the letters I needed, about 20 in all, but I'd still like to know if one of you might identify it for me.

If this has never been digitized I might be interested in finishing what I have already started and putting it out there as a revival font. See what you think.


Found a couple of similars:

a. Bold, but no break... Tepid Monkey/MonoglycerideExtraBold

b. Regular weight with break...
-1. claude p/Simplement http://abfonts.freehostia.com/simplement.htm
-2. Character: Cutin http://abfonts.freehostia.com/cutin.htm

Thanks, Dick.

The page at abfonts you linked to says the following: "Cutin" is Cut-in Medium on page 163 of The Solotype Catalog of 4,147 Display Typefaces. Apparently "Cut-In" was released by Letraset in at least Medium and Bold weights. So at least now I have a name–but no information on a designer.

The font called "Simplement" that you linked seems to be a pretty nicely done digitization of the Medium weight, updated with additional characters and most common diacritics, though there are no kerning pairs. I wonder why this one has slipped though the cracks in terms of digitization and release. I'm not going to go searching for a complete source of now, but this might be one to keep on the backburner for later consideration. Might be nice to see a good rendition of the family. Perhaps Old Nick will give it a go.

Your letters seem to match Cutin Bold by Letraset. The character-set is shown in the old Letraset Product Manual for 1985, and probably for other years. Just the upper and lower case [multiple versions of _C_ (5), _E_ (5), _S_ (2), _c_ (6), _e_ (4), _s_ (2), _y_ (2), and _z_ (2)], numbers, German double s [ß and ss], ampersand, dollar [simplified from regular], pound, and basic punctuation.

Thanks, Don. My hunt for a mid-80's Letraset catalogue continues. Alas, no luck so far.

Claude can perhaps be called a font hobbyist where he can pick and choose where and how to spend his efforts based on interesting ideas. He can be found on alt. binaries.fonts forum.

My understanding Character digitized Cutin from images provided by Claude so perhaps you could ask him directly.

I will scan & post.

look forward to your font


Thank you, Don!