French movie poster

any ideas? … sorry about the crumby jpg.


I’m sure we had this one before, from the same poster, no less. But I can’t remember whether there was actually a positive ID. It’s very similar to Peignot, but it’s definitely not that font. I imagine we decided that the thin font was Univers, but again, I’m not sure. Yves or Stephen will remember better.

What about going to the origin?
This movie poster is from a 2003 french-british production: Shimkent Hotel.
Does anybody knows the designer? studio?
I am more than curious with this face.


can you post a Large image( so we can see the producers, director etc., ) thanks.

David Hamuel

The larger I could find online are as the samples above, go to the picture:

There you can find also more names (Director, Cast) but I don’t know french and don’t know the best french sites for movie posters, I guess there has to be more and larger french information about the movie on line.
I believe this movie has not come to Spain yet.

I found a reference over at Bowfin to a foundry called Type Revivals. They had a face called Renoir that looked similar but the specimen was limited. Can’t seem to find the foundry through Google. Atomic carries the foundry’s output but no specimens to be found there and no Renoir.

the movie is by Bodega Films. i’m going to be “rude”  — why this typeface…unique? since i don’t want to “nag” people for small things…


David Hamuel

AGFA’s Modernique is similiar, fatter, but similiar. Maybe that will help?


Not so helpful. This is the precise reason I leave this stuff to Chesh, Stewf, Trouble and the rest of y’all.

> i’m going to be “rude” — why this typeface…unique?
since i don’t want to “nag” people for small things…

Actually David, personally I have stopped judging*
typefaces on aesthetic merits. When appreciating a
design you can only go as far as to the point where
personal taste comes into play. “De gustibus et
coloribus non disputandum” etc. What’s looking good
in your eyes may look horrible to someone else.
Do I sound like an old fart? Yes I do thank you. And
I’m repeating myself. That’s Alzheimer kicking in.

*I may dislike a certain typeface and voice that dislike,
but I won’t question someone else liking it. Case in
point: I quite like this particular face for its inventive
use of straight lines and its high contrast in a sans
serif design, and am intrigued where it could come from.

> What’s looking good in your eyes […]
That can’t be proper English. Bugger. :-(

i’m assuming this is a custom job because the desingers do a lot of that.

the designers:

Anybody up for e-mailing them to ask for the font?

Yes, we had this one before, from the same poster indeed,
and nope, we -quite regrettably- never succeeded in IDing
it. The condensed caps on the left are Univers 39 Thin Ultra Condensed*,
but I think we we’re looking for the right hand type.

* A recurring theme in movie posters and websites:
Condensed credits on movie posters are usually set in
Univers Ultra Condensed, and if you see some classic
looking all caps face, it probably is Trajan.

If anyone has the Encyclopaedia of Typefaces handy,
there are quite a few like this.

One is named Mondial. There are at least three of them, IIRC.
I don’t have access to that book until tonight, but I’m sure
someone else has it….


yes. artwork/design by m/m. not for sale etc etc

David Hamuel

d-p. sorry.

I’m sorry too.
That is a PI & ID David, you got it. If they show the movie here I’ll try to post something larger if this font is used.
bj, there are few like this in the Encyclopaedia of Typefaces but not the same, at least I have not found it. Here you have Mondial, and Meridian that I think is closer, but as you can see…



the sample tooo small

It could be from Special Alphabets 04 (the thicker one) Agfa-Monotype, the “only” problem is that this one is Outline.

** Agree, the sample is too small.

How funny to see the exact same pic. Here was mine:

The lineale looks like the work of Roger Excoffon. He did something very similar titled Chambord in the late 1940s.


No visual reference for Chambord to be found online.
The only thing I discovered is that it is supposed
to be very similar to Peignot, just like Chesh said.
It’d be great if somebody could post a scan or any
other visual reference.

Jean Fran

Jaspert, Berry & Johnson.


That’s not it unfortunately. What an elusive face!