A sans-serif font with a mix of Serif ball terminals on the "a"s and "r"s and Sans-Serif upper cases



Reminds me (again) the latin counterpart of some fonts for non-latin languages like Lao, Oriya, Myanmar, some sort of chopped-off job based on Times.

Here's a too-tall match.... Koop, Floor/TimesnoRoman (no link)
Because the original tittles were ovals, showing squashedness, this might be the one!?

I think you have it Dick - it has just been squashed, smashed, pick your term.

Perfect, Dick! Another chopped-off serif Times... 'TimesNoRoman'!

Times New Roman Std Small Text Regular

Recipe: Squoosh a little more. Cut, chop & tinker until the letter forms match.
Stanley Morison's design is so outstanding that it can withstand even this abuse.

Tnx guys. :)

Been scratching my head about this coz its been used as the primary logo wordmark and for the secondary properties' logos. I guess I'll just have to ask the designer to supply the full customised set.

You might consider purchasing a font from Murasu Systems http://murasu.com/ and using the Latin letters. See the specimen I posted at http://typophile.com/node/119151 You would need to squoosh the height and do some editing, but it's a lot less work than doing your own chop job on Times.