David Occhino's Nautilus Font (Disney's Nautilus Font)



So I found this wonderful font, called Nautilus. Downside is, it's a paid font. I was looking to use it for a school project but as it is for school, I would use it only once. I'm not saying I don't want to support the type-maker. I do. But it's just some brief detailing.

I was wondering if anyone could help me identify similar fonts.



This forum isn't really geared to finding free versions of commercially-available fonts, but you may find some interesting typefaces at google.com/fonts (set the category filter to "Display").

Google fonts Modern Antiqua and Metal Mania, for instance, have a similar vibe, even if they aren't a match to Nautilus.

If you search free font sites using the terms "Steampunk," "Heavy Metal," or "Pirate," you may find something closer in style to Nautilus. Just be aware that many of the fonts you will find will be unauthorized copies of commercial fonts.

If you can see fit to spend $20 instead of $30, this font (using its stylistic alternates) comes close:

Thank you for your help!