curvy, retro-looking bubbly kind of font - help?


Ok here goes. I'm trying to create a print for my newborn nephew. I found one online that I like however I want to change the wording a bit to make it a little more personal. I LOVE the "little boys/best ones" font but I've tried a few different search engines and can't quite find exactly what it is or anything similar. Moreover, I *swear* I've seen it before on the cover of a magazine and I can't place it (googled the heck out of most of the magazines I read as well to no avail)!! Either way it's driving me mad and any help would be greatly appreciated. Anything close - curvy and bubbly like that - would be fine. The only similar styles I have found as of yet are straighter and more boxy.

Thank you all in advance for your time!!


It's http://Riot Squad free font by Nick Curtis [Nick's Fonts, 2000], probably a bit manually condensed

Oh my gosh I LOVE YOU!!!! Thank you SO much for finding it - and SO FAST!!! Can't wait to use it!! Thank you again a million!!!! :)