Cyrillic font from logo



Curiously, I found two matches (Soleto and Prometo), both from Dalton-Maag, and both with no Cyrillic.
Also similiar, and also without Cyrillic: Monotype's Burlingame.

Edited in view of my discovery of the matching base font, to cut references to other fonts.
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Dalton-Maag's Soleto, already suggested by Riccardo, has the right weight and is pretty close for _E_, _P_, _H_ and _T_ in Soleto Black and some of the other glyphs could be used to help make _Д_, _У_, _Б_ and _Л_
Another option is to edit a font like ... cut the rest as redundant, see later post.

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I believe I have solved your question.
In my opinion this image is a customized logo based on a heavy weight of a Cyrillic font called Helios, or an artificially thickened version of it. Here
From the ДУБЛЕРУ.НЕТ website I downloaded which contains a subset of Helios-C Bold. As you can see the letterforms match your image

Helios is sold by Paratype It includes a black weight, which seems to match the weight of the logo. Helios is a Cyrillic adaptation of Helvetica.

Some versions of Helvetica include a Cyrillic alphabet which can also be adapted to make the logo. But I did not spot any with Cyrillic letters that were heavier than bold.