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Font Development

Hi all,

I'm new here and was advised by one of the many cloaked font enthusiasts to post my question here, so here goes.

I do an awful lot of graphic design for breweries, one of which has won me an award (about the only thing I've ever won in my life, but there you go).
Anyway, one of the breweries I design for started asking for some suggestions with regard to a name for a special IPA he's brewing... having listened to what was going into the recipe, I thought 'Kaleidoscope' would be a perfect name, especially as there only appears to be a brewery in the US and one in Australia who's ever brewed one of the same name... having created the design, I realised, for the first time in my graphic design career, it needed a special font... he loves it... I've only progressed the letters of Kaleidoscope, yet I know this has the potential of being a very successful font.

At one time, I did own a copy of Fontographer, but never really explored its potential, and since the demise of Rosetta on Macs, I've not been able to use it.
So... I've included three of the letters and wondered if there was anyone here who would be be prepared to develop the font with me, once I've finished designing it?

Please let me know, since there appears to be nothing else out there that's the same... similar ones, maybe, but nothing really close.

Best regards,