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Italian Food Blog - A font for italian recipes

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Italian Food Blog - A font for italian recipes


I am currently having a problem with finding the right heading font for an Italian Food blog.

This blog is written by an Italian where she shares the authentic Italian recipes and cooking practices. The objective is to communicate the authenticity and tradition behind this italian recipes, but also look fresh and modern, as we focus on working with a step-by-step approach that helps making the recipes easier to make rather than the typical "only-text-and-one-marvellous-photo-of-the-end-product" food blog. So, in it's essence it has to communicate that is traditional and easy to learn.

We are currently using two typefaces for the website, Minion pro and Avenir Lt. These fonts have been choosen based on these two communication objectives, creating a contrast of modern and traditional, and we are unsureif sticking with these two or if using a third font specifically for the heading would be beneficial.

I am leaving attached some concepts I am currently working on, as well as the link to the page of the current recipe.

Recipe page: http://italianaddiction.com/recipe/italian-tripe/

Your feedback and/or comment would really be helpful and we are looking forward in hearing your opinions.

Thank you for your attention,