Yves Peters

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Here is what people have said about Yves Peters:

"Everyone's favourite rock 'n' roll typographer"
[[David John Earls]] of [[Typographer.org]]

"He made it cool to be a Type I.D. nerd"
[[Brian Jaramillo]] of [[Agency26]]

"A champion of type design"
[[chester jenkins|chester]] of [[village]]

"Bound to become the most feared type critic of the Northern hemisphere :D"
[[Peter Bruhn]] of [[Fountain]]

"His massive initial contributions to the Type Identification Board made it what it is today."
[[Stephen Coles]] of [[Typographica]]

"I'm just a glorified type nerd, really"
[[Yves Peters]]

Affiliated with:
[[Unzipped]] ¶ blogger
[[The FontFeed]] ¶ contributor
[[Typographer.org]] ¶ columnist
[[Typographica]] ¶ contributor
¶ head moderator Type Identification Board

Don Q Design ¶ owner, (typo)graphic designer, writer
Troubleman ¶ drummer, founding member