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first of all


As you can see I'm trying to go for something with a few "quirks" or strange features so it won't be just another bland sans. The "n" was originally drawn by hand, then after many many months converted to curve and tweaked. As for the rest, it was done directly on-screen in a desperate attempt to try and pass the feel of the n to other letters.

This is my first-ever, [supposedly] serious attempt at designing type. Serious as in "I'd like to finish it", not serious as in "I'd like to sell it".

Well, enough rambling. Please, opinions, praise, criticism, anything!

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nice start. the o's look a touch heavier than the n and H. also, why is the right foot of the n rounded, but not the H?

would help to see more characters. maybe you can add the related characters: mhucebdpq. also shouldn't be too hard to throw in an i or an l. that way we can see how the flavor carries over to the other glyphs. It will be interesting to see how the quirks, as you put it, will carry over to different letters, and how the face ends up working as a whole. One thing I've discovered as a beginning type designer is that subtle elements end up making a big difference. On one letter, the quirk may seem subtle, but when the entire alphabet reflects the quirks, it can be overwhelming.

look forward to seeing more


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Eric, thank you very much for you input.

also, why is the right foot of the n rounded, but not the H?

I actually haven't tried that, because i always thought that it would make the strong "foundation" of the H seem weak, as if had a bad leg and would fall to the right. As I created the n, I thought that I would have to be very careful on carrying that rounded foot to other characters, or the alphabet could end up *too* unusual. I don't want something that looks too strange for more than a line of text.

Again, thanks for commenting! I'll post some more characters next week, I think.

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New characters!

(I'm editing instead of doing new posts, to save space)

May 5th

May 8th

(this kind of thread needs inline images so bad)

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nice work, gabriel I like where it's going. I like how the inconsistency in the curves and stokes give the letters life, kind of like natural inconsistencies from letterpress printing as opposed to the perfection of digital type.

A few comments:

the u looks wide compared to the n. the d also looks a little wide as compared to the b. It looks like the d is an invertd p, but that the b was constructed differently. maybe I'm just seeing things.

I like the little flares in the j, perhaps this can be incorporated into the i as well?

keep posting

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About the b and pqd: I was unhappy with the pqd, I simply deleted them all and kept the b, which was the 'original'. So I guess I'm seeing what you see :)

Once again thanks for the comments, they're very helpful! :)

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I didn't mean they were bad, just different. but if you like the b and not the others, then use the b as the basis for the others

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Oh, I didn't you mean you meant they were bad. I actually thought they were bad yesterday, before your post. Not that they were bad, but that I thought they could be better. This is all a learning experience for me, so I want to do them with care.
But I'll think of them (the previous pqd) when doing the new ones. :)

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May 11th characters
changed descender size / new p q d / thinner u / altered m / reduced angle of counter on o / better e (but still needs fixing) / added r and f / left side of stems is now vertical

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hey I really like this!

it has a rough futura quality where you've got some of the geometry, but the imperfections really liven things up. I like it best at the smaller sizes where the quirks aren't in my face as much. can you post a pdf so we can see something at higher resolution?

note on the f: I'd extend the crossbar on the right side to fill up some of that negative space.

keep going and keep posting

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Here's a PDF with the set I've got until now. There are some new characters:
May 12th.

For the next few days I want to finish the lowercase and try a one-storey a.

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