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Typophile Relaunches

It's been quite the day. We've all been burning the candle at all ends to get this launch out. And despite a significant number of both cosmetic and functional bugs, we felt it more important to launch when we said we would.

Behind the scenes, we were shooting for a 12:00 noon PST launch. We didn't want to launch too late in the day, when it no longer really "felt" like 05/05/05. As it turns out, we needed the extra time as we were plagued were a swarm of latecomer bugs that had us frantically working until about the 5:00 hour. Sometime in the late afternoon, Yves Peters popped on and pointed out that the Typographica boards were blowing up with people asking about the launch.

5:55pm came, and we flipped the switch. We pushed back our chairs, shook hands all around, and generally revelled in the moment. Typophile is reborn, five years after its initial launch. It feels really good.

Then the bugs start rolling in. We're having some trouble with our mail server; we may have misconfigured it. Despite migrating everyone over and setting up everyone's email accounts from before, no one seems to be able to get it to work. Our own testing on our side hasn't yielded much either.

We have a long list of known bugs, and I'm sure we'll hear about a lot more. There are a great number of cool features that we had to pull in order to make this launch. We'll be rolling those in progressively as time permits.

Of all the new features, I'm mostly excited about the TypoWiki. With the way the Forums have kept Typophile moving for the last five years, the Wiki is a natural evolution for the community- now we'll create a more permanent reference rather than posts that hit the site, burn hot for a short time, then fizzle away only to be replaced by another.

Lots of people know about wikis, but may not have a whole lot of experience working with them. The best way to get involved is to use the Indices. Click to a topic of interest from the Indices and use that as a jumping off point. Click on a link; if there is not a wiki entry already created for that word or phrase, guess what? You're the new author. Dive in and put down what you know, but don't get too attached. Someone's going to come in tomorrow and change it anyway.


Yeah Jared (and everyone else)!

Can I ask two questions (well, three counting this one for permission)?

1. How can one post news to the news sections? What if someone newsworthy doesn't broadcast an RSS feed?

2. I don't see a link in the navigation to the typophile blogs. How will users who aren't aware of them find them?

Thanks, and great job (again)!