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An international quarterly magazine on typography, graphic design and visual communication.

TYPO is a unique magazine. The name TYPO gives away the main focus of the magazine – typography, which is discussed from different points of view and with connection to other fields such as architecture, photography, social science, and aesthetics. It introduces, in a very lively and readable manner, all outstanding individuals of typography and their work. Each issue is organized into clearly distinguished sections that cover main theme, significant people in the industry, interesting projects and events, exotic photo-essays and many others.

TYPO is a valuable resource of information and stimulation for professional typographers, graphic designers, marketing agents, students and their educators, as well as for any typography enthusiast.

The magazine is published quarterly in English and Czech. It contains 80 full color pages printed on high quality coated paper.

Starting with July 2007, you may order any of the older issues.

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