Grant Hutchinson

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Grant Hutchinson (b. 1963) has been designing, manipulating and marketing digital type for years. On the way to his previous gig at Veer, he created typefaces and helped keep the storefronts tidy at visual content purveyors such as Image Club, Adobe Studios, EyeWire, and Getty Images.

He founded Typostrophe in 2009 as a home base for his ongoing typographic concerns.

Grant resides in Calgary, Alberta — along with a basement full of vintage computers and typographic paraphernalia that his wife wishes he would store somewhere else.

He occupies what little spare time is left over at the end of the day by blathering on about stuff on his website, photographing the mundane and weathered and running several community sites dedicated to the support of obsolete (but dearly loved) handheld computing platforms. He has also been known to contribute sporadically to Typographica.

Typefaces by Grant include: Badloc, Boca Raton, Broadband, Carver (with Noel Rubin), East Bloc, Narrowband, New Geneva Nine, and the Schmutz family (Cleaned, Clogged, Corroded)

He still gets misty-eyed recalling the hours he spent hunched over sheets of dry-transfer lettering, painstakingly ad libbing uppercase As from inverted Vs and hyphens.

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