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Bozo the Logo

I work here. It's a terrible website. I know. I take full blame. My bad. But it was 2001 and I was in love. We all do things we regret. I will soon have the opportunity to fix that mistake. We'll talk more about that as the project progresses.

But what I want to talk about right now is our logo. For that I take no responsibility. That is not my child.

Mistral? The only reason that font was used was because it installed with Microsoft Word. And why do the P and L swirl around in a surfboard shape? When the owner of the company designs the logo, there's little for me to do but hang my head in shame.

We have made progress however. Exhibit A.

One of my coworkers managed to get this simplified version of the logo into use and I added the updated font. I still don't like the shape of the logo. I spend all my spare time doodling variations in an attempt to come up with something inspired. For some reason the P and the L perplex me.

I'd like to fish for two things now. 1) You're remarks on the updated logo and where to go from here. 2) Ugly logos that you get stuck working with. I know we're not all Pentagram grade designers whose mere presence strikes fear in the heart of bad design. And so I know some of us have gotten stuck working with bad logos like me. Basically I'd like some sympathy.

If you don't have anything ugly to share, just throw something together and make up some story about how the client's neice designed it. It'll make me feel better.


Mistral... hirrarious. Don't feel so bad, I work at zingy.com. Take a gander at that pile of garbage they call an identity. That's even after I cleaned it up and removed several unecessary elements. Luckily after two years I've convinced them to rebrand and I came up with a great new ID.

It's all a process, frustrating and headache inducing to say the least, but it'll happen if you can convince them in an intelligent manner of why they need to rebrand. Try to get some cheerleaders that are close to the boss too, that always helps.

I feel your pain. Best of luck,

Kudos to you Tim. It just goes to show that even an in-house designer can hold sway with the suits.

You should've seen the reactions I got when I changed the biz cards that were done by the CFO's wife. That made him real happy. But they needed to change.

It's just fun to share the joy. Keep up the good work.