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Indie Fonts

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Indie Fonts is a series of books which are styled after the classic type specimen books of the early 20th century. These books differ from this model in that they but feature independent firms whose fonts, like their names, are unique. You will discover such foundries as LettError, PSY/OPS, and Test Pilot Collective, alongside P22 Type Foundry, Typeco, Font Diner and Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute. The type styles range from the best of Matthew Carter’s classic designs to the latest irreverence of Chank Diesel. Designers searching for unique typefaces will find what they are looking for, whether historical revivals or futuristic techno faces.

Indie Fonts brings together 18 independent font foundries from around the world creating an invaluable resource of over 2000 fonts for designers, art directors and typographers.

This book is divided up by foundry so that the user can get a feel for the work produced by each group. This also makes it convenient to order fonts directly from their source. There is a visual font index provided in the front for quick scanning and a fully cross referenced index in the back containing font names, designers, and original designers.

Contributing foundries include Altered Ego, Astigmatic, Carter & Cone, Chank, Font Diner, fontBoy, Fountain, GarageFonts, International House of Fonts, LettError, P22, Psy/Ops, SynFonts, Test Pilot Collective, Typebox, Typeco, Typodermic, and Typotheque.

Accompanying this book is a Bonus Fonts CD-ROM that contains 33 indie fonts on an unlocked disc located in a sealed package in the back of this book. The fonts are licensed from each contributing foundry for use solely by the owner of this book.

Websites: P-Type Publications | Typeco

Fonts included on the Bonus Fonts CD with the Indie Fonts book:

Altered Ego
• American Spirit

• Charaille AOE
• Lovesick AOE
• Nightmare AOE
• Scrawn AOE
• Sunspots AOE
• Atransponder AOE

• Fridayluck
• Patching Compound
• Snipple

Font Diner
• Schnookums
• Black Widow
• Fontdinerdotcom & Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly
• Fontdinerdotcom Loungy
• Bowl-o-rama

• Eric Sans
• Eric Sans Italic

• Sinsation

P22 Typewriter
• Cusp Three-Dee

• The Printed Word
• The Written Word

P22 Sinel

• Faceplate Sans A Gauge
• Faceplate Sans C Gauge

• Atomic Suck
• Studded Leather Jackets

TestPilot Collective
• Screwtop Regular
• Screwtop Negative

TX Manifesto

• Cypher7

• Strenuous 3D