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Indices : Blackletter : Schaftstiefelgrotesk

A style of Blackletter type popularized in the 20th century that split the distance between the heavy industrial grotesques popular in the West (such as Akzidenz Grotesk) and the Blackletter types predominant in the Teutonic world. Hitler, who had a preference for classic Roman imperial inscriptional letters, was one of the chief exponents of this style of type, which became explicitly identified with Nazi ideas of German nationalism. The names of the typefaces – Deutschland, National, Tannenberg – reveal this connection. Schaftstiefelgrotesks bear the same relationship to traditional German blackletters that Grotesque sans serif types do to traditional serifed Latin type: they are simplified, weighted versions of the forms, sturdier and less refined. The name, given to the style by typesetters, is ironic. Of all the types sullied by association with the Nazis, they are the most problematic.