Uncial slab

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This is a nice, fresh approach with a respectful, yet not restrictive, nod to the past. It would be fun to find a use for your Uncial Slab.

What are your plans for further development? Have you considered providing alternate characters or even a Roman uppercase or that would make the face more utilitarian?


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I have made some tweaks and posted a live beta of this font here

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I get more internal server errors on these uploads...


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Here is a new image:

Uncial Slab Sample

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This is cool stuff.
Too bad we can't see the whole thread...

The typeface is pretty good, I just think that the "x" is too dark.
Nice work.

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I really like this font, and it's melding of uncial and slab serif into one design.

Any chance we'll get to see any of your revisions/additions to this font any time soon?

David Thometz

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