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Indices : Foundries : Klingspor

Gebrüder Klingspor

Offenbach, Germany. Formaly known as Rudhard’sche Giesserei, renamed on January 1 1906 to Gebrüder Klingspor.

Well kown for designs from Rudolf Koch and Walter Tiemann. Also sold designs from Peter Behrens, Karlgeorg Hoefer, Otto Hupp, Otto Eckmann, Rudo Spemann, Victor Hammer and Hans Kühne.

During the 1950s, the foundry’s operations closed. D. Stempel AG, who had owned the foundry for over a decade, continued distributing most of the typefaces. Many of the typefaces are sold in digital format today by Linotype Library (the German Linotype AG purchased D. Stempel AG in 1985).

Today, the majority of Klingspor paraphenailia, including type specimens and books printed in Klingspor faces, as well as many handwritten pieces by Koch and other designers, are housed in the Klingspor Museum in Offenbach. Their website is klingspor-museum.de.

The Klingspor foundry, as well as its suceeding museum, have always had a close relationship with the Offenbach School of Design, which has had various names but has been known as the HfG Offenbach since 1970.