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Get me away from this thing!

I added entries for Edward Johnston, Stanley Morison, William Morris, Dard Hunter, Victor Hammer, Hermann Zapf, Hartley & Marks (link probably won't work due to a bug in the Typowiki parser), Robert Bringhurst, Elements of Typographic Style, and John Hudson (who will probably be bemused by what I chose to write about him). All of those are sketchy, to greater or lesser degrees, but you gotta start somewhere. I note without comment that a lot of you are writing about yourselves and your / your company's products. I thought some history might be nice to have as well, especially as a lot of this stuff isn't yet in the Wikipedia (although I suppose I should add some of this to that as well). Feel free to annotate, correct, or rewrite my deranged scribblings, and drop me a note or a comment and let me know what you think.