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D. Stempel AG

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David Stempel (1869-1927) founded the foundry on January 15 1895 at Frankfurt am Main.

The foundry fast became one of the biggest German foundries. Shares of other foundries were bought, so the resources constandly grew.

The following is a list of just a few of the designers who worked with Stempel:
Hans Bohn
Warren Chappell
F. H. Ehmcke
Friedrich Heinrichsen
Hanns Th. Hoyer,
F. W. Kleukens
Erich Meyer
Hans Möhring
Hiero Rhode
Wilhelm Schwerdtner
Herbert Thannhaeuser
Martin Wilke
Rudolf Wolf
Hermann Zapf
Gudrun Zapf von Hesse

In the early 1900s, Stempel developed an exclusive relationship with Linotype, becoming one of just a few producers of matrices for the Linotype Machine worldwide. In 1985, Stempel became part of the German Linotype AG corporation. In essence, the design department of D Stempel AG would go on to become the in-house design team of Linotype AG and the later Linotype-Hell AG. When Linotype-Hell AG was purchased by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG in the 1990s, many former Stempel employees would go on to work for Linotype Library.

More info: Schriften-Service D. Stempel GmbH
(Todays greatest resource of new casted original lead types.)