Hermann Ihlenburg

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Ihlenburg was born in Germany in 1843 where he studied art and worked for several German type foundries. He emigrated to the USA in 1866 and worked for the L. Johnson & Co. foundry, later MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan (which became part of American Type Founders). Ihlenburg died July 31, 1905 in Philadelphia.

Type Designs Attributed to Hermann Ihlenburg:
American, American Italic, Angular Text, Arboret, Arboret No. 2, Archaic, Artistic, Attic, Bijou, Black Ornamented, Bradley, Byzantine, Centenial Script, Chaucer, Childs, Circular Black, Columbian, Columbus, Copperplate, Crayon, Culdee, Dado, Dynamo, Eureka Text, Ferdinanad, Filigree, Filet, Glyptic, Gothic Ornate, Greenback, Grolier, Gutenbert, Houghton, Ihlenburg Series, Illuminated, Isabella, Italic Copperplate, Japanesque, Johnson, Lady Text, Lippincott, Midaeval Text, Midaeval Text Ornate, Minaret, Minster, Morticed, Morticed No. 2, Newfangle, Nymphic, Obelisk, Oxonian, Pencraft, Phidian, Philadelphian, Post Oldstyle Italic, Pynson, Queen Bess Script, Radiant, Radiated, Relievo, Relievo No. 2, Rimpled, Ringlet, Romanesque, Roundhand Series, Sansom Script, Shoeffer Old Style, School Text, Spiral, Stipple, Stylus, Stylus No. 2, Taylor Gothic, Tendril, Treasury, Treasury Open, Unique, Unique No. 2, Zinco