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The word “Typostammtisch” is German, and has no good English translation. Basically, it means “a regular meeting at a bar, during which typography will be discussed.” Currently, there are several Typostammtische in Germany.

Although various chapters of German Forum Typografie may have informally used in the term for some of their meetings, it is held that the first regular Typostammtisch was established in Offenbach, a Hessian city near Frankfurt. The Offenbach Typostammtisch was founded by TypeOff in the aftermath of TYPO Berlin 2004, and has been meeting regularly since June 2004. Since 2007, the Offenbach Typostammtisch has been organized by the Offenbach design studio TYPOSITION. Dates and locations are published on the spatium Magazin blog, http://www.spatium-magazin.de

The Offenbach Typostammtisch has inspired additional Typostammtische in Germany. For several years, a Berlin Typostammtisch, organized by Fontwerk (http://www.fontwerk.com), has met every other month. The Berlin Typostammtisch has the highest attendance of any Typostammtisch in the country.

In 2008, a Typostammtisch was founded in Saarbrücken. This Typostammtisch meets irregularly. In 2010, a monthly Typostammtisch was founded in Hamburg. There are additional Typostammtische in Cologne and Hannover, the later of which is run by a chapter of the Forum Typografie.

Typostammtische on Flickr:
Typostammtisch ‘The Original’ Offenbach
Typostammtisch ‘The Capital One’ Berlin
Typostammtisch ‘Close to little else’ Saarbrücken