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Doyald Young

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Doyald Young is a designer of typefaces, custom lettering, logotypes, and has been involved in the field since 1955. Not only is Young a designer, he is also a teacher, and has been teaching for many years at the Art Center College of Design in California. In 2001 he was honored for his contributions by being named an Inaugural Master of the School. To date he has also worked on custom lettering for a number of high profile clients such as the General Electric, Art Directors Guild, Prudential Financial, and the Grammy Awards. To date Young has designed one commercially available script typeface called Young Baroque, but has designed many other custom types for use in corporate identities such as Home Run, and Prudential Roman.

Throughout his career he has published five books:

Logotypes and Letterforms
Handlettered Logotypes
Typographic Considerations
Fonts and Logos
The Art of the Letter
Dangerous Curves

Logotypes & Letterforms and Fonts & Logos are currently available through Delphi Press, Young’s own imprint.