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Paul Renner

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Paul Friedrich August Renner was born in Wernigerode, Germany on August 9th, 1878. Growing up into his teenage years he studied Greek and Latin for 9 years, and then moved on to study art at a higher level, finishing his formal education in 1900. Following this Renner became involved with design and became concerned with typeface and book design.

During the summer of 1924, Renner started to work on what would become a typeface called Futura, his most well-known work. Futura was a very important type of the time, especially in Germany, as it was a movement towards the modern roman letter and a departure from the Blackletter. Renner’s Futura has also become the inspiration and foundation for many geometric types to date, and for that alone he deserves mention. During his career he designed two other typefaces, Plak and Tasse, which like Futura are also commercially available.

Furthermore, throughout his time, he wrote a number of books; Typographie als Kunst (Typography as Art), Die Kunst der Typographie (The Art of Typography) and Color Order And Harmony to name a few. After a long career at the age of 78, Paul Renner died on April 25th, 1956 in Hödingen, Germany.

Literature about Paul Renner

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