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Joined: 16 Aug 2012 - 10:23am
Theatre Company

Hi, everyone!

I was assigned to design a logo for a theater company. They are producing their first stage play by now, so they are putting a great importance on the logo. It is called "Gentes", which is an unnatural plural of the collective word for "people" in Portuguese.

What sets them apart from other companies in Sao Paulo is that they are going to produce original musical theater, with brand new books and music. Most of the other companies go the other way round: their work is either Broadway musicals barely translated to Portuguese or jukebox musicals telling the stories of some important Brazilian artists.

While their work could be described as "experimental", as it discusses very controversial topics, it still has a very mainstream flavor. Their intent is to present a very realistic version of musical theater, what many have called a paradox. I have been in many of their meetings and rehearsals, however, and the idea seems really possible.

All of their processes are collaborative, and so they wanted the logo to be. The group of directors, musicians and choreographers consists of 13 people and all of them had the same importance when choosing the logo - only actors and actresses did not participate. I presented them with some choices of logo reflecting the experimental edge of their project. Surprisingly enough, they wanted the logos to get rid of that, and the final logo was decided through voting.

The problem is that the chosen logo is looking bland and generic by now. The original version was dirty and irregular to represent people and convey humanity. They wanted it to look clean, but its irregularities make no sense anymore and many of them say it is looking like a low quality cosmetics brand. They don't like the fact that both "e" look the same and want something more authentic. I myself see some issues in the letters "g" and "s".

Now I need your help! How can I improve it? I appreciate any thoughts and ideas!

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Joined: 6 Mar 2010 - 12:54am

> 13 people and all of them had the same
> importance when choosing the logo

It's much better when you have one decision maker. I've done a few design projects for committees and it's difficult because you can't please everyone.

If you want a script look, I'd see if the font has an alternate letter E so they both don't look the same. Or have a skilled calligrapher create it. And I don't have any problem with T being the center of attention, but to me the G looks rather weak.

Also when the logo is small, Nucleo De Artes will become very tiny. I'd either find a way to make it bigger, or prepare an alternate version for tiny sizes.