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I love Czech Type

I love Czech Type.. I do.. I do..
( I think I fell in love with the typographic quality of my northern, neighbouring country, as well.. :)

~ Storm Type Foundry ( František Štorm, www.stormtype.com )
~ Suitcase Type Foundry ( Tomáš Brousil, www.suitcasetype.com )
~ TypoCZ ( Filip Blazek, www.typo.cz )
~ TYPO ( www.magtypo.cz )

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Me too! Josef Týfa, Slavoboj Tusar, Vojtech Preissig and Oldrich Menhart are all great! I broke down and bought the entire Storm Czech Type Library earlier this year, and then went back to storm to buy Farao, which I love to bits.

František Štorm is a nice guy to deal with, as well. Stormtype is definitely one of the classiest small foundries.

Vojtech Preissig has an "i" in his last name, doesn't he?


Yes he has.

Oopsie! My bad! Edited to fix!

And don't forget the e-a-t project, that shows the work auf czech and slovak typographers and designers http://www.e-a-t.org