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Snap Tanda-2 Jawi @ Win Jawiware

Gembira dengan Morabira , this contest has been launched exclusively for the the Malay World (Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei @ Singapore).
Snap Jawi Singboard @ Win Jawiware
Snap Tanda-2 Jawi @ Menang Perisian Jawi
Photo Challenge | Signboard Jawi
Happy Hunting


> Is this contest is exclusively for the sign boards.
@ Yes! Provided that they carry the Jawi script (Tulisan Jawi) @ still standing - not removed or replaced.

> Can any other country participate in the contest.
@ Only citizens of the 4-mentioned countries can participate by posting not smaller than 640x450 fotos captured by their own lenses and provided that they have not published them elsewhere.


Putera Mmizai! is the winner.
Congrats @ Thank you Mohamad Hilmi for flying High Jawi