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Born in Colchester, Essex, in 1980, Phil Garnham graduated from Middlesex University, London, in 2002.

Phil is the typeface design director at the Fontsmith type foundry in London. In this role, Phil co-leads and directs the Fontsmith team in both the creative and managerial aspects of designing bespoke typefaces for global clients. Phil creates original typeface designs, critiques new font proposals and assists the team in the technical production of new alphabets for the Fontsmith font library. Phil is also involved in the marketing aspects of the foundry through strategy, the writing of copy and the designing of web and print assets. He occasionally visit universities to discuss his work, type, type founding and typography.

Designer of FS Albert Pro | FS Alvar | FS Clerkenwell | FS Conrad | FS Kitty | FS Lola | FS Me | FS Pele | FS Rufus | FS Sally | FS Sinclair
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