What are you listening to?

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If you like the Strokes, you'll like The White Stripes even more. Happy and delicious.

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>What did you think of the new Fugazi album? I say don't fix what ain't broken.

them's fightin' words! fugazi's new (year-old by now) album is arguably their best. deep, beautiful, aggressive, raw, organic, etc. or did you mean you liked it? all of fugazi's stuff is in constant consideration when the cd player door opens. in high school when i signed year books with ff i meant fugazi forever. well, not really, but you get the point. also, i just got the decline ep by nofx. brilliant work from a bunch of lazy slobs. in my printing practicum class we listened to whole bunch of music that my mother would be shocked to know i was listening to, like tomahawk (completely out of hand), a little band from suburban chicago called big'un, another out of control band called new brutalism, and this wicked cool canadian band called shotmaker. i still have a headache from it (it had to be loud to be heard over the a.b. dick). probably no one cares about this old string anymore, but there you have it anyway.

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try thanassis papakonstantinou's "vrahnos profitis"... it's greek (maybe it will also sound to some of you), but it's still very okay, although it's two-three years old... :)

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The last Mimi Maura's CD: "Raices de Pasión"
The best bolero-ska-reggae mix!!


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The New Mercury Program
Fugazi - Instrument
Bill Hicks - Philosophy
Hoover - The Lurid Traversal of Route 7
NPR - This American Life
The Pupils
HWM - Caution

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issac - naw, i didnt like the last fugazi album, it was different in a way that i didnt like.

shotmaker, however, were a great band.

right now, im listening to:

Black Dice
Blood Brothers
Erase Errata
Song of Zarathustra
An Albatross


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well, I'm not much for contemporary stuff, so my play list stays fairly constant.

Cabaret Voltaire (esp Voice of America and 1974-76)
Velvet Underground
Organisation (Tone Float is the only album I know to exist)
Wire (esp 154)
The Legendary Pink Dots
The MC5

I noticed quite a few mentions for Fugazi. I think Instrument is the only album of theirs that I actually enjoy -- the less Guy the better.

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My Napstered MP3s ... The Katies, Belmont Playboys, Bosstones, etc.,etc. ...

I'm all for supporting artists but damn, do I miss Napster...

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>I think Instrument is the only album of theirs that I actually enjoy -- the less Guy the better.

understandable. when i try to explain fugazi to people who aren't familiar with them, i tell them it's two of the worst singers in the world. but poor guy, he's the raging passion, you gotta love him. btw, lately i've been listening to peter paul and mary's peter paul and mommy (children's) album. art by milton glaser (not anything great, but hey), and puff the magic dragon. my kids dig it.

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Yes!! Soma FM is back again, I know since two weeks. I like very much of that channel. They didn't had some problems to paid the bild of the transmission?
Is fantastic to start a great morning of work with all that sounds. hehehe

Regards and good music vibrations to all / Ricardo

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Fugazi? Its all in the drums.

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guy makes that band. he whines like a champion. love it.

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Need New Body / Rock Your Body

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radio42 : Music for Lounge-Lovers. Ambient.Chillout.House.Soul.Funk.


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spontaneous compositions and improvisations



Of course.

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Current list:

Lisa Ekdal: Heaven Earth and Beyond
Brad Mehldau: Largo
John Scofield band: Uberjam
Paul Weller: Illumination

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kcrw is great, and they (MBE) have a lot of their sessions archived. Two sessions to listen to, Beck with the Falming Lips and Paul Weller. http://www.kcrw.com/cgi-bin/db/kcrw.pl?show_code=mb&tmplt_type=program

Two other sites worth visiting include http://www.kexp.org/ and http://www.jazzfm.com/

jazzfm has an awsome program called the "Late Lounge" 2pm pacific time. They'll play the likes of Massive Attack , Thievery Corporation and Underworld in the same session.

If that's your type of music, run out and get Winter Chill http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000075A1U/qid=1045664794/sr=2-1/ref=sr_2_1/002-2493026-7641656

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Zen and the art of Chilling
The Stone Roses (The Stone Roses)
Massive Attack (100th Window)

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if you dig Interpol and alterna-eighties, i think you'll probably like Radio4 and Liars too.

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Notwist, "Neon Golden".

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Revisiting former bands like Soul Coughing and Kyuss. If it's a rough day may throw in some Rage or Fear Factory. For Groovin' Bad Boy Bill and JunkieXL. And I don't care what anybody says...I like Audioslave.

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Tortoise - Thrill 013?
Jim O'rourke - Bad Timing
Sonic Youth - Murry Street

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I do not know what that is Stephen, but I'll have
to put a call out for the American Analog Set.

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16 Horsepower thanks to Stewf. :-)

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Words are hard to come by when describing this sound. It will be familiar to some, but difficult to share why its worth searching for. If you can find this cd, take it for a spin, it's very rewarding.

Punjabi Lounge

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How you listen music at work? with you computer, with an ipod, with another medium?

I wonder that, because I waited long long before to finally purchase last saturday these

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Bonjour M. Porchez

J'utilise le dvd-rom de mon G4 qui utilise un convertisseur usb iMic. Le convertisseur est brancher via de tr

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Oh, those creatures look nice, J-F. ;-)
I usually listen to music with my computer, but I still listen to K7s with my walkman every day.

Btw, I'm like 4 years late on this, but I've just discovered Wilco's "Summerteeth" other day. Really great album, a classic.

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> How you listen music at work?



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you guys have got some great tastes in music. i love seeing things like fugazi, tortoise, wilco, sonic youth, the pixies, Cabaret Voltaire, the MC5. add (N) to X. some good stuff up in this mix.

if anyone is digging neue wave at the moment you should look into: figurine, the pulsars, zoot woman, fischerspooner, ladytron, console and adult.

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sigur ros (),
kings of convenience - erlend oye
iron and wine

always reliving: galaxy 500, velvet underground, nick drake, red house painters, slowdive, ride.....

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Suddenly comeback to The Clash Black Market album after more than 15-20 years without listening it. A great pleasure, its great Rock band from the end of the 70's early 80's, so long.

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This is my current play list shuffled in itunes (heavily influenced by kexp.org)

Hot Hot Heat
New Pornographers
Pete Yorn
Polyphonic Spree
Sigur R

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slowdive... rad!!! ride? my bloody valentine?

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The Osmonds 'Ultimate connection' driving in Tuscany. First CD sounds like Guns and Roses.

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Ha, I must admit, I've been listening to Evanescence too!
I can't say I loved their album, but there are some nice tracks there.

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At the moment I really dig the new, somewhat harder Porcupine Tree Album.
And at least yesterday, when some poster and Freehands effing bugs drove me crazy, I listened to Steve Reich's

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At the moment I really dig the new, somewhat harder Porcupine Tree Album.
And at least yesterday, when some poster and Freehands effing bugs drove me crazy, I listened to Steve Reich's

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other than that I listen to kexp.org in Seattle the old Univ of WA station that King of Seattle Paul Allen bought. 'Shake the Shack' is the best. Then for a laugh I listen to me mate Red Hickey on www.wdvx.com they are just down the street from Dollywood and Red a scream. Good ol' Rednecks.. they're just like foreigners. to everyone.

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Ever heard of Bob Dylan?
You guys make me feel like Rip Van Winkle

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Basement Jaxx 'Kish Kash' featuring Siouxsie Sioux. the Brixton boys are back from 245a Coldharbour Lane... too bad I didn't see Siouxie in the hall of our building but saw her and Felix on BBC Liquid news. .. Evanescence are Pop goth phonies compared to Siouxie.

Amy Winehouse.. 'Frank'
50 cent....
Cheeky Girls...eurotrash.
Texas... weak scot pop from pop princess turned into a mum..
Alabama 3... more British southern funky soulful country from another Brixton band.
Kiss100.. kisstory
BBC London Live
8 Mile sountrack
Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.
the Osmonds again.. nice car music.

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Don't you worry Gerald you are not alone, I'm listening to Dylan right now - John Wesley Harding.

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>>When I saw these guys bowing a guitar like a
cello I had to look again.

Would that be like Jimmy Page was doing in 1969, or a different technique to that? (Cello implies a slightly different action, but I'm not sure how precise you're being). My 11 year old son plays guitar and I was thinking of giving him a bow for christmas - he was blown away when he saw page using a bow on Dazed & confused on the new DVD, but if there are other people who have used other approaches with bows I'd be keen to find out about them.

As for today's music:
Led Zeppelin (of course)
Frank Sinatra
Naz Nomad & the Nightmares
Steel Pulse
Glen Millar
System of a Down
Pink Floyd

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Miller, obviously, as its Glen not Gavin

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Did you know I spent some time with Janis Joplin?


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