House Gets Serious with "Paperback"

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So, you thought House Industries (ahem, Mister House Industries) was all grown up, having added the Neutraface and Benguiat families in recent years. Well, they just upped the ante with Paperback, a serious text face with optically sized masters, patterns, alternate figures, dingbats, et cetera. Everything you'd want if you're designing for, well a paperback, or maybe for newsprint.


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Gee whizz! Certainly a new direction it seems. Is there a pdf speciman? hard to tell what it is like from screenshots…

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A fact that I totally missed is that John Downer designed it. Fitting that they're promoting it with his bare chested likeness. Hilarious. Bravo House!

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Yes. I saw the ad in the latest HOW and laughed out loud. Although, seeing him--John Downer--in the flesh and posing a some sort of type designing Fabio was not a surprise, as he always finds an excuse, or reason, to show off his water-polo-exercised body to the masses. ::wink:: ::grin::

That said, I'd like to add that Paperback looks amazing and the italic is gorgeous.

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