so many blogs, so little time.

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This will be the 3rd, no scratch that, 4th place I now have the ability/opportunity to blog. But, will I manage to do it? We shall see.


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Yes, but will they all be searchable through one great (ahem, yet-to-be-implemented) search interface and then interlaced with other Uppercase blogs?


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I'm at a loss of how "professionals" have any time to do such a thing.
Then again, maybe I'm the only person returning emails on the toliet in the morning -- just to save some time.

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Do women really blog more than men?

Um hildebrant, why's "professionals" in parentheses? :)

Oh, found another bug: auto links only work when there is a return after the url. For eg, when typing

Only the second link works.

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=^D ahahaa. Karen, you made me laugh out loud!

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Should have mentioned this earlier. Another, must read, female blog.

Petite Anglais written from the suburbs of Paris. A must read for anyone whom has the hairbrained fantasy of living in or at least near the City of Light. A true glimpse inside of what it is to experience the day to day in Paris.

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BTW. Nice tease for the upcoming and as-yet-to-be-implemented search engine, Joe. ::grin::

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Tiff, the link to Petite Anglais is not working for me. Does it work for you? Nothing happens when I click on it.

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Karen, try it again. Apparently every link I posted yesterday didn't work as I kept using ":" instead of "=". Silly me.

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