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so many blogs, so little time.

This will be the 3rd, no scratch that, 4th place I now have the ability/opportunity to blog. But, will I manage to do it? We shall see.


Yes, but will they all be searchable through one great (ahem, yet-to-be-implemented) search interface and then interlaced with other Uppercase blogs?


BTW. Nice tease for the upcoming and as-yet-to-be-implemented search engine, Joe. ::grin::

I'm at a loss of how "professionals" have any time to do such a thing.
Then again, maybe I'm the only person returning emails on the toliet in the morning -- just to save some time.

Why do women love to blog!?...




to name a few of the millions

Do women really blog more than men?







Um hildebrant, why's "professionals" in parentheses? :)

Oh, found another bug: auto links only work when there is a return after the url. For eg, when typing http://www.manic.com.sg/blog

Only the second link works.

=^D ahahaa. Karen, you made me laugh out loud!

Should have mentioned this earlier. Another, must read, female blog.

Petite Anglais written from the suburbs of Paris. A must read for anyone whom has the hairbrained fantasy of living in or at least near the City of Light. A true glimpse inside of what it is to experience the day to day in Paris.

Tiff, the link to Petite Anglais is not working for me. Does it work for you? Nothing happens when I click on it.

Karen, try it again. Apparently every link I posted yesterday didn't work as I kept using ":" instead of "=". Silly me.

oh ok...