Stencil Font

I'm looking for some good San Serif, Stencil fonts. I have a few, but I wanted some suguestions or sites where I can find some.



Here are a couple you might find interesting -- Pearson Stencil and Matthews Modern Stencil -- or not.

Marvellous 'Jigsaw' ( Stencil ), by Johanna Balušíková / Typotheque, maybe.?

( There even are stencil versions of 'Eurostile', 'Futura' and new 'Paralucent'.. :)

Some more stencil type resources.:

I'm partial to Glaser Stencil

Thanks guys

One more, I would really like to mention.: Brandnew 'Bunker', by fellow Typophile Eduardo Omine / Omine Type..

Myfonts has 133 stencil fonts in their search. Check out in particular Andrew-Andy - it's really pretty.

Too bad I can't find the old Typophile Stencil thread. Here are a few:

More stencil fonts at FontShop
Cobra and Kada from Lineto

What about my InsiderStencil Regular Roman? It's the latest release of my Insider family.


Kada, yes. I remember that from a recent thread but couldn't dig it up. Thanks for resurrecting it, Stephen.

Re.: 'Kada'.: This may be the most recent thread in which I mentioned 'Kada' ( April '05 )..

( And not to just 'bump' this thread, I would like to mention another fine stencil typeface.: 'Looper', by Mário Feliciano.. )

A wonderful NEW stencilfont is Jigsaw Stencil by Johanna Balusíková (sorry, could not find the code for s with turnedround circumflexe...). To be found on

Bert, Have you seen my first reply to this thread.? :)

( Edit.: And not to just senselessly ‘bump’ this thread, again, I noticed yesterday that there also is a new 'Compilation' out there, containing 40 selected stencil typefaces.: ‘stencilFONTS’, from Apply.. )

Don't forget the FontFont Backstage bundle: FF Chernobyl, FF Container and FF Watertower. I found myself admiring these the other day.

Oh, and you gotta check out Giant by H&FJ. Be sure to check out their More Examples pages. Since it's a shaded font, you actually get a composed, background, and highlight version. Any one of them could stand on their own.

i dare to refer to my own attempt on a stencil font ...