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Hey everyone, it's my first time posting here. I've started working on a logo for a dentist and want to avoid showing a tooth or tooth brush and all of that. From what I know, he is an older dentist and would want something more on the conservative side. He is one of the only dentists in the region who does cosmetic dentistry (teeth whitening, replacing silver fillings with white ones and so on).

Let me know what you think.

dentist logo

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Hi David! I really like the mc monogram. One thing you could try on that is using a heaver "c".

The horizontal rule and type alignment, however, are unbalanced. You might be better off eliminating the line and center-aligning "Michael Contardo" with the monogram. A smaller point size might help the balance, too.


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I'm not sure that dropping the right leg of the "M" is adding anything to the logo. I guess it is a bit distracting to me. I agree that the monogram is nice.


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To me, that extended leg on the M gives it character. It's a conservative logo, but it has just a dash of playfulness in it.

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First and Foremost:

what do you mean by "from what i know, he is an older......" ?

you don't know your client?

David Hamuel

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I am a designer at an agency who was handed this project. It is just the way things work here

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Here are some revisions and color choices. I used a heavier weight c in the monogram and played around with the shape a bit. I like the top left one, but my main concern is that it

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sorry for the double post

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Hi David,

I like the one on the right hand side second from the bottom (with the hairline around the ochre circle -- BTW ochre may not be the best color choice since he's a whitening specialist :-).

Two thoughts.
1) Try his name smaller 80-90%
2) Give

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The Logo is a bit generic. Although I don't think that a logo necessariyl has to say anything about the client, maybe there is a way of showing what he doesn without the old teethe&brush clich

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i dont' believe anything you say, HD

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Of course referring to HD's animated gificon, which reads:


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This is looking very good, David. I really like the top two on the right. Experiment with some more colours - even an unusual colour like maroon or taupe might look nice.


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Here's some more revisions and color choices. I changed the proportions between the name and the monogram and i think it worked nicely. Again, thanks for the great feedback.


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I thought maybe HD's

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I've been following this critique, but I haven't had time to offer any input until now.

RE: Color

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I appreciate the simplicity of your design. I do like these new colors as well. My only comment -- and don't mind be proved wrong -- is that I read "mc" as in a last name McCahalan or something like that. I think it is because the 'c' appears smaller than the 'm'.

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Tiffany, you're right. It's a nice mark, but it does read as Mc.

Also, the latest color palette is great. Fresh without being
too minty.

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