No Room at the Inn for Typo-Berlin

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I'm going to Typo-Berlin next week, the large FontShop typography conference.

I have been planning to stay at Hotel Unter den Linden, quite nearby the conference location (and cheap), where I had a single room reserved.

The German design magazine form gives away free admission tickets to people who can answer specific trivia questions every year. This year, my girlfriend knew that that the logo of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, where the conference is held, was designed by Cornell Windlin. A few days ago, she won one of the free tickets!

The Hotel Unter den Linden though is booked-out: no double rooms available. Paying a fee for her to stay in my single room is not permitted.   Schade… So, a week before the conference. I'm not sure where I'll stay. Anyone know a good hotel with a vacancy?


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Paying a fee for her to stay in my single room is not permitted.

Wer will überprüfen ob du einen Gast im Zimmer hast? Ihr müßt doch nicht schlafen.

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Ich habe ein billigeres Hotel schon gefunden. Aber danke!
(I found a place in the mean time, thanks)


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Das freut mich. Der Kommentar war eher schmunzelnd gemeint.

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