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I Am Become Art

I have been on the television news this weekend, on several Belgian channels. I was in photos in almost every Belgian newspaper, mostly in the Arts or Culture sections. One of these newspapers even published an online photo special, and you can send friggin' e-cards with me on it!

Well, that is me and the 1949 other participants of Spencer Tunick's installations for the Corpus Brugge 05 art festival last Saturday morning. It was freezing cold, barely 5°C. It was raining. The ones that couldn't get in at the first installation (limited capacity) had to wait from 03:15 till 06:45, outside, with no shelter, waiting for sufficient light for the outdoor shoot. During the shoot we were standing with our bare feet in puddles of icy water on wet cobblestones. And just because I was at the outskirts of the installation, I was smack dab in front of the television cameras and newspaper photographers who were positioned a mere 10 meters away.

I have been on the television news this weekend, I was in photos in almost every Belgian newspaper, you can even send friggin' e-cards with me on it... naked.

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. This experience, nobody can take that away from me. My wife thinks it's funny like hell and wishes it had been summer so she could've joined me, my kids think I'm way cool (luckily they're not teenagers yet), and my colleagues and friends all had a good laugh.

I am become art, and it was friggin' awesome.


Hey, that's awesome! Which one is you? :D

Aren’t you glad you used Dial?

A line from a popular American ad campaign for a soap called Dial.

Hey, that’s awesome! Which one is you? :D

I'm the naked guy in the front. :D

Try a little harder, Karen. :P Almost everyone who's seen the pictures identified me correctly. I am bald, slim, rather tall, have a trimmed goatee, a fair complexion and a small gecko tattooed in my loin.

I thought you were kidding (kinda), as I only saw one picture: This one

Now I know your naked self is really all over the news.

Tee hee.

Me? Kidding? Never! :D

Found you!
right next to the grizzly bear!


Hopefully you didn't catch a cold