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Indices : Designers : Rene Verkaart

Rene Verkaart started CharactersFontFoundry in 2004 as the result of a decade of custom logo- and typedesign for clients. Since 1995 he’s been running his own graphic design studio, Stoere Binken Design, with a friend. Most of his early typefaces were custom designed for clients.

Most of his typefaces originate in his holidays. “Visiting new places in the world is a big inspiration for creating new typefaces”, he says.

All his typefaces are extensively tested by carefully selected BetaTesters. This are renowned graphic designers or design studios that TestDrive the typefaces in practice and give critical feedback to improve the final release versions.
Currently Characters Font Foundry is working with the following BetaTesters: Magnus Holder Bjørk at Magnusland, Vicente Arregui at Biplazadesign and Dennis van Eikenhorst at Ontwerpbureau B2B.

His typefaces are featured in magazines like Items (Netherlands) and Diseno (Spain).

Accelerator, Ballet Mechanique, Bionix, BorVer, Cucaracha, Encrypted Wallpaper, FatBoy, Freaky Animals, Insider, Kryptonite, Nantua, Nantua Flava XL, Nordic A, Nordic Narrow, Plan A, B, C, Porta, Reethi Rah, SBD Block, SBD Block Cutout, Shell Shock, Shell Shock Cloak, Siventi Logo + Icono and Vagebond Condensed / Normal / Extended.

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Daytime job
Rene Verkaart is co-founder of Stoere Binken Design, a renowned Dutch graphic design studio based in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

René Verkaart on Behance