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AlQuds OpenType Arabic Fonts Released

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AlQuds OpenType Arabic Fonts Released

Proudly announcing the completion of a type projected I started as a teenager in Palestine around 1961 - AlQuds ('Holy One' the Arabic name for Jerusalem) is probably the first Arabic San-serif type design. I discussed it with Monotype and Letraset in England in 1965. A special version for Deco Type's Tasmeem InDesign plug-in was released in 2007, and now finally the OpenType version of two AlQuds families with 6 fonts each was just released by Monotype in 2015. Do the math - 50 years later!
Grateful thanks to all who encouraged, or offered invaluable technical advice in this work. Apart from the inspiration of Eric Gill's San-Serif and book on typography, a meeting with the late Nasri Khattar and correspondence with the late Hiromo Hara, most of you are here at Typophile: Mamoun Sakkal, Nadine Chahine, John Hudson, Thomas Milo, Tiffany Wardle de Sousa, Karsten Lueke, Saad Abulhab, Claudio Piccinini, Titus Nemeth, Aziz Mostafa, Malcolm Wooden, Zuhair Albazi and others, and last but not least Hasan Abu Afash without his VOLT expertise the project could not have been completed properly!