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Why do I even bother?

A colleague of mine wants to use Blue Highway for a project.

I advise against it: we own a license for Interstate which covers the corresponding weights she needs.

She insists.

I tell her I fail to see the reason, and explain Blue Highway is a poor digitisation of exactly the same model.

No she won't have it, she will accept no substitute.

Exasperated, I ask her why we should spend money on an inferior design when we have the real deal!?

She says it looks a bit different, and she wants that exact look.


Some days, authoritarian rule inexplicably sounds very appealing.


Sometimes the magic finger in "Bewitched" sounds appealing too. The main character in the old TV show was a pretty witch who, with the wave of a finger, could make anything disappear (perhaps a client or two or just that portion of their brain that makes logical thought impossible).


I thought she wiggled her nose? :8)

ehehe. Yeah. It was with a wiggle/twitch of her nose and that little syncopated noise and things would happen. I remember wanting that power when I was little.

OH. .... Yves. You bother because sometimes you can make a difference. If you gave up you wouldn't ever have the opportunity to grow. Education is something that is continuous and never-ending. Even and especially for ourselves.