raw sketch - further developed

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dear typophiles,

i know this is very, very raw, but nevertheless is hope you have some advice on the general direction of these forms.
i am presenting it in this early stage because next week i'll take part in a workshop with jeremy tankard with the topic of "how to genereate a bold and italic from a regular". i'd like to work with my own stuff, therefore i decided to design a few letters as a basis - my aim will be to develop these sketches into a serious and usable font family ... someday.

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Titus, I like the angles inside the o, it reminds me a bit of Dwiggins. I think that the in.leading strokes into the m and the r are too diminutive, though, unless the type is shown really big, they'd disappear.


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thank you dan, it was exactly the kind of advice i was looking for! and i suppose my posting was a bit misleading, in the .pdf are a couple more letters than in the .gif.

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I agree and disagree with you, Dan, about the strokes. Perhaps this would be something that could be altered for text weights. Two sizes? Display and text? I did see Dwiggins in the action as well as the jarring transitions between the strokes...which I really like.

The bowl of the a is too small in comparison to you o and e. I like the second f more than the first as the bottom stroke, IMO, shouldn't move forward it should trail behind.

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i've made a few adjustments and some new letters. i was also unhappy with the f and so i am with the current u - it will be discarded. but you'll get an impression of where that thing is heading to.
i am also unsure about the slight slant - shall i keep it or straighten it?

where did thoose upload buttons go to?

i uploaded my new files to the first post, although i suppose there must be a better way(?).

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Good work.

I think that the top of the a extends a bit too far to the left. The letter looks like it might kip over in that direction.

The f seems to fall toward the right more than the h does.

The j doesn't seem right. I'm having troubles with both the top's in-stroke, and the tail on the bottom. The top in-stroke doesn't seem to be in harmony with the rest of the letters, and the tail could probably be a bit more interesting.


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the "raw sketch" has developed further. no name for it yet, but many changes. as you can see from the sample it is supposed to work somehow in short texts at around 10pt.
spacing troubles me and some of the uppercase letters aren't correctly weighted yet (VWYX). numerals are also troublesome, especially 3 and 4. whatever, i'm curious about your input!

i'll upload the sample file below the first post.

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