What are you listening to?

Joe Pemberton's picture

If you like the Strokes, you'll like The White Stripes even more. Happy and delicious.

jfp's picture

Last purchased or digitized songs/albums from early january (last month update).

PS. first post on this new redesigned forum! Great new design. Congratulations.

mosh's picture

Pixies, Bunbury, Radiohead, Raphael, Ladytron, Ween, Skinny Puppy, Los Pelados del Norte, Mano Negra, Interpol, La Barranca, San Pascualito Rey, Rammstein, ABBA (!), Sisters of Mercy, Starsailor, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Björk, Bowie, Led Zep, Muse, Los Toreros Muertos. All of them being assorted Mp3 on my PC.

mosh's picture


Never saw Siouxsie's Banshees or Creatures as being gothies. In my opinion, they were mostly experimenting with different kind of sounds. For eighties gothies there were the Sisters, the Nephilim...

By the way, ¿is there something of the "new" Goth from this decade not some cloning from the eighties? Still searchin'...

mosh's picture

Interpol, yes, of course they are Joy Division clones, but they are great live and have punch to their songs -Joy Division was conceptually great but Ian Curtis "sang" terribly, let´s admit it!!! (Not as terribly as the singer in New Order, though).

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Welcome JFP!

At this very moment: Super Discount

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This is my first typophile post ever!

Currently listening to everything by 2 Many DJ’s. I went to see them last Friday at Fabric and they were awesome!

timd's picture

I intend to inflict some of these tracks on my co-workers

Ermin's picture

kind of eclectic but iTunes said so:
stan getz, a.c. jobim, joao & astrud gilberto, james brown, al jarreau,
michel legrand, quincy jones, madredeus, towa tei, jamiroquai, burt bacharach,
the orb, michael franks, diana krall, fitzgerald +previn (live in berlin or rome, not sure),
pat metheny, charlie parker, toots thielemans, beck, cake, bjork and chemical bro's...
famous friends from my hometown www.thebambimolesters.com

and just friends www.soulfingers.net

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I understand why you wouldn't want to label Siousxie and the Banshees/Creatures and being Goth, however they did have serious impact on the scene itself. I was involved in the Goth/Industrial scene for sometime throughout the 90's and they were at the forefront of what was happening musically. (I remember some of my friends used to cry when Siousxie would come on stage. :) ) Robert Smith once said that he and Siousxie never intended for people to categorize them in this manner, they don't consider themselves a part of any scene or genre – but they are flattered all the same.

I am not that familiar with the goth scene anymore (I still stick to the oldies) but it seems that this genre has morphed itself into contemporary "alternative" hard rock/punk. I can't give any examples as I avoid these records like the plague. I truly believe the goth scene died mid-nineties. Though, Peter Murphy is on tour again, I will be seeing him next week in Portland and I CANNOT wait. :)

Interpol, great band, and yes, obviously influenced by Joy Division, another one of my favorites. No matter how awful some may perceive Ian Curtis' voice to be, I still hear sweetness in songs like "Atmosphere." I highly recommend picking up some JD on vinyl – there is a quality to the music that is lost in other mediums. Early New Order did quite well with carrying on the Warsaw/Joy Division sound, but as soon as they went into mainstream discos, there wasn't much left for me to really enjoy.

Anyone ever hear New Order's Video 5-8-6? (intense, bass driven, 28 minute track)

Joe Pemberton's picture

Peter Murphy on tour? Who knew. Peter Murphy was one of those who actually grew musically post-goth (see also David Bowie) while others of the era rehash their old crap (see Rolling Stones).

How come David Bowie and Peter Murphy get better as they get older and Sting keeps getting worse? :/

Miss Tiffany's picture

Too much yoga. He's too relaxed.

mosh's picture


I was lucky enough to see Bauhaus playing in Mexico City four or five years ago. Marvellous. The place where they played in was closed the day after because it was in a very ruined and dangerous state and was not designed to hold so many people. :) Nobody died the day of the concert, though.

I was a big Cure fan for maybe ten years, but I think the "good" Cure's final record was Disintegration. Others might disagree. The old material is powerful as ever to me. Same with the Banshees' catalogue.

Joe & Tiffany: I find that P.Murphy has gone a little bland also, but he's still got it. Sting? Yes, perhaps too much yoga AND wanting to appeal to 16-year olds with mellow ditties. Bowie's secret?: Get yourself accompanied by young, innovative musicians. His Outside CD was really great and well... chamaleonic.

timd's picture

I saw Bauhaus at the Old Vic in London in 1983, this was a farewell gig (and last performance for the Old Vic before it was gutted and refitted) with Pete Murphy swinging from the curtains, but he lost points for the Maxell ads and Bauhaus never equalled Bela Lugosi's Dead for me, although they did give a good performance. I wouldn't categorise Siousxie Sioux as goth, mainly because of their obvious punk roots (not that I really approve of trying to pigeonhole artists), I did see her in the audience at a Nick Cave gig promoting Murder Ballads at which Kylie Minogue performed a guest spot.

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today's mix yet:
orchestra baobab - specialist in all styles
dälek - from filthy tongues of gods and griots
john coltrane - quartet
roots manuva - run come save me

johnbutler's picture

Momus, Pet Shop Boys and the high-velocity flying roast beef that is Rammstein.

Forrest L Norvell's picture

That Roots Manuva album is FANTASTIC. I love it a lot.

John Hudson's picture

There's another Catholic typographer names John who is a Momus fan? What are the odds?

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I have been listening to the Smashing Pumpkins these last days, they remember me the high school. Also I boght the Led Zeppelin Remasters and the last cd of The Mars Volta, sublime.

hdschellnack's picture

Nono, Siouxie never really was Goth, not a single moment. The Creatures were to experimental for that label and the Banshees too pop.

That said, at the moment I'm pretty straightforward into retro80s THE-Bands. Athelete, Engineers, Arcade Fire, Snow Patrol, The Faint, Te Doves... stuff like that.

The new Porcupine Tree album is fairly good, although not as breathtaking as the last three outings.

Jem is surprisingly good pop.

The new Mars Volta is pretty much the same as the last album, there is no other band like that, at the moment.

There's some good German bands at the moment, Bosse, Tomte, Niels Frevert, Kettcar.

The new New Order is, alas, boring as hell. I think I should just buy the Saville-covers and leave the actual CD in the stores. Same goies for the new Tori Amos CD, very been-there-done-that, but with the addition that not even the coverdesign is pleasant.

The Tord Gustavsen Trio (on the great ECM label) is wonderful stuff, great Jazz.

These days, thanks to iTunes, my listening habits have changed a bt. Where formerly any new CD would run for a few days in the studios CD-Player, now a new-bought album will get MP3-d pronto and put into the maelstrom of thousands of tracks played at random in itunes, so here in the studio AC/DC is followed by Schubert, Chet Baker by Slime. It makes for pretty weird surprises, but I haven't digitalized my whole CD-collection yet. As I have an ipod in my car now as well, the same principle applies there. As a result, my listening habits have a bit... fractalized, strangely enough.

Looking forward to Roisin Murphys first solo-album «Ruby Blue», shame about Moloko, though. ro is a great singer and Herbert should guarantee a nice soundtrack... but Moloko was one of the best pop bands these recent years, along with Lamb, who seem to be vanishing as well.

HD Schellnack

Wouter Spaak's picture

I am currently listening to Boards of Canada - Turqoise Hexagon Sun.

Next up is a piano sonata by Mozart.

Paul Cutler's picture

Lately I've been addicted to Russian Orthodox choral music, as well as Mass in B Minor by Bach…

Nick Cooke's picture

Thanks to iTunes shuffle: Louis Prima, Captain Beefheart, The Durutti Column, The Residents, Pere Ubu, Johnny 'Guitar' Watson, Soul Coughing, The Fall, Ivor Cutler, The Chemical Brothers, Anton Karas,Alice Cooper, Elbow, John Barry, N*E*R*D, Air, Snow Patrol, Brian Wilson, Gonzales, Ian Brown, Sly & The Family Stone, The Beatles, Brian Eno, Goldfrapp, 808 State, Coil, The Flaming Lips, Neil Young, Buddy Holly, Grandaddy, Django Reinhardt, Cornelius, Spike Jones, Pink Floyd, Associates, Nick Drake, Magazine. The Beta Band.

I could go on.

I love iTunes shuffle.

Nick Cooke

mosh's picture

Normally I use either a PC with WinAmp or Media Player, or a portable -cheap but reliable- Mp3 player to hear my music, so I have to ask: what's so marvellous about iTunes?

I am able to store/transport whatever music/data I want. I am able to shuffle, have visualizations for the songs, etc. Standard features. Am I missing something?

Chris Rugen's picture

The hum of flourescents, the click of others' keyboards, the murmur of muffled voices.

I forgot my headphones today.

::silently grumbles::

vinceconnare's picture

today downloading to me Ipod photo:

the Tears -
Pixies - Bosanova
Pixies - Surfer Rosa & Come on Pilgrim
Kylie - Ulitimate Kylie ( http://www.thepinkbraceletfund.org/ )
Basement Jaxx - Rooty and Kish Kash
Dominatrix Sleeps tonight - Dominatrix
Rockin' it - Fearless Four
Step on - Happy Mondays
Last night a dj saved my life - Indeep
Buffalo Gals - Malcom McClaren
Cavern - Liquid Liquid
Buffalo Stance - Nenah Cherry
Fetenhits - neue deutsche welle 2

vinceconnare's picture

and the
Stranglers Hammersmith Odeon album 1981

paul d hunt's picture

fannypack & ya gotta dig that lettering, yo!

speter's picture

Right now I'm into Bløf while learning some Dutch.

vinceconnare's picture


'Oh my gosh' Basement Jaxx new video

John Hudson's picture

Rachid Taha's hilarious yet rocking Arabic version of 'Rock the Casbah'. Over and over again.

dezcom's picture

The "Letterman" :-)


nathanjones's picture

I am listening to a lot of shit that makes me feel like a 35 year old lawyer.

Kathleen Edwards
Beth Orton
Damien Jurardo

I feel like I should be sitting in a Starbucks, instead of the studio!

Miss Tiffany's picture

Bjork's Vespertine
Air 10,000 MHz
Zen and the Art of Chilling, Volume 2

rs_donsata's picture

Yesterday I stumbled upon a CD my sister forgot in the house (she studies contemporary dance in other city). The CD is only labelled "Wim Mertems" yet it became one of my favourites in a single day.

I actually couldn´t find anything about this Wim Mertems on the internet so I guess I'll have to wait a couple of weeks to ask my sister about it.


Forrest L Norvell's picture

That's cuz it's probably actually Wim Mertens, who has about ten billion albums out.

While I'm here, now I too have an Audioscrobbler feed: http://www.audioscrobbler.com/user/othiym23/. Apparently this week I'm really into The Fall, Ikara Colt, Roots Manuva, and the Epoxies. I've also been listening to the new Sleater-Kinney pretty relentlessly, but it's not made it into my Audioscrobbler listing yet.

adiazpaz's picture

"Narcotango", by Carlos Libedinsky.


paul d hunt's picture

more pink martini: this time it's hang on little tomato
glen phillip's winter pays for summer
and paul anka's version of blackhole sun, smells like teen spirit and wonderwall

silas's picture

fela kuti

nicolai's picture

A few nice radio stations:
- If you are using iTunes you can also find these
stations when browsing through the radio section

Jungle, Drum´n Bass
Downtempo, ambient, lounge, house
Groove Salad
Ambient beats & grooves
Jazzmusique - My favorite!!!
Downtempo, ambient, lounge, house
KKJZ 88.1 FM
Jazz, jazz, jazz
Continous house mixes

Dan Weaver's picture

When you come to Typecon in NYC and want to listen to the best jazz 88.3 FM WBGO. Listener sponsored radio and from 3-4 during M-F is the Blues Hour. If you would like a taste on-line streaming wbgo.org

Nick Shinn's picture

>I stumbled upon a CD my sister forgot

More family stuff:

It was a great loss when my son left home and took all his CDs with him, several of which I had become quite attached to (I missed the boy too). The other day I felt like a bit of Schnittke, in particular the Kronos recording of the String Quartets (great sleeve design BTW, featuring Alias' Granite face), but it was gone with Eric. So I went down to the local classical store to see if I could get a copy, but they didn't have one. Desparate for a Schnittke fix, I bought "Oleg Kagan plays Schnittke". Really enjoying Concerto No. 3 for Violin.

Always liked Peggy Lee but never heard her early work with Benny Goodman. My dad has a compilation album in his car, which he's lent me while he's on vacation, so I popped it on, and was gobsmacked -- she sounded so different then, and even more world-weary.

fabre's picture

Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers, Kasabian... Lots of stuff beginning with "K". Saint Etienne and The Specials have also being appearing a lot recently on my iPod.

lapvance's picture

Blood Brothers — Crimes, Book of Dead Names — Blood of the Young EP, Digitata — Sexually Transmitted Emotions, Ice Cube — Amerikkka's Most Wanted, The Knife — Deep Cuts, Start Destruct — UNTITLED, All Thunderbirds Are Now, All Tracy and the Plastics.

SIMS — Lights Out Paris!!!

oldnick's picture

Cripes! It's happened: I've turned into my father. I am utterly clueless on about 95% of the band/artist names being bandied about here. And what worries me more is that, lately, I have come to believe that Rosemary Clooney rocks...

rs_donsata's picture

Botellita de Jerez: naco es chido, abuelita de batman, guacarrock del santo, alarmala de tos & al.


fabre's picture

Don't worry oldnick... All of the bands I've mentioned here are British... we know how difficult it for UK artists/groups is to break into the US music market (unless you're The Beatles). But, it also works the other way round as I've never ever heard of Rosemary Clooney! =)

marcox's picture

Fountains of Wayne, my favorite purveyors of power pop, just released a 2-CD set* of b-sides, non-album singles, demos, etc. Awesome stuff -- their discards outclass most bands' official output.

*"Out of State Plates," for those shopping at home.

paul d hunt's picture

at the moment... Funeral by Arcade Fire.

Bald Condensed's picture

Right now -- 13 & God, a collaboration by German glitchpop rockers The Notwist and Anticon electro-rap experimentalists Themselves.

Stefan H's picture

The Supperclub volumes (1-8) are superb and always hot for me! The first CD on each pac makes you mellow, CD 2 keeps you awake on the night shift.

Naryana's picture

Goldfrapp - Black Cherry
Green Day - American Idiot
The Prodigy - Music for the Jilted Generation

...are the most played albums on my iPod.

Chris Rugen's picture

Lots of streaming & downloading from WeFunk Radio. Great funk and hip-hop, and every show has a playlist for easy ID'ing of good tracks.

Dan Weaver's picture

Montreal Jazz festival, live from 2-6 on WBGO.org

andi emery's picture

Wow! What a great diverse list of music!

I just picked up the new Audioslave album, "Out of Exile" - seems great so far.

Am also listening to:

Paul Van Dyk's Reflections
Thievery Corporation's Sounds from the Verve Hi-Fi which features a whole plethora of songs by Stan Getz, Chico Hamilton and Sergio Mendes, just to name a few.
Thievery Corporation's new album "The Cosmic Game"
Wilco's "A Ghost is Born"
and finally, some good local group music, Rheostatics; "True North"

dvsmethid's picture

Steve Reich
Devin the Dude
Express Rising
Paul Wall
A few of J-Rocc's mixtapes (Soul, Hip-Hop, Funk)

Fredrik's picture

Savath & Savalas
Matthew Herbert Big Band

Gil Scott Heron

to name a few.

negativespace's picture

Thievery Corp, Boards of Canada, nice choices :)

Ever since Saturday, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon has been in high rotation!

dnm's picture

Most recently:

  • Coltraine: Blue Trane, Impressions, Giant Steps, and A Love Supreme
  • Bill Frissell Quartet
  • Interpol: Turn On The Bright Lights and Antics
  • Ted Leo + Pharmacists: The Tyranny Of Distance, Hearts Of Oak, and Shake The Streets
  • Assorted Thievery Corporation and Eighteenth Street Lounge labelmates.
l_vazquez's picture

At moment listening to quite a lot of power pop, like:
Brendan Benson, Oranger, The Sights, Jason Faulkner, Bronco Bullfrog, Death Ray Davies, Cotton Mather, etc, etc.

fabiobola's picture

Listening to my own work.
Now I'm really lost between music and typography.

marcox's picture

Ooh, Oranger! I was introduced to them a couple of months ago -- great stuff. Can't wait for their new disc in September...

Chris Rugen's picture

New discs!

Blackalicious Nia - it's so, so good
Quasimoto The Further Adventures of Lord Quas - Madlib getting stoned
The Arcade Fire (their recently re-released first EP) - if you liked Funeral, you'll like this
Plane Hello More - picked it up on a recommendation from my record store, compared it to Modest Mouse, Interpol, and Postal Service

vinceconnare's picture

"Proud" - Heather Small

Jerusalem - Emerson, Lake and Palmer

London Calling - The Clash

"In the days that follow look at our airports, look at our sea ports and look at our railway stations and, even after your cowardly attack, you will see that people from the rest of Britain, people from around the world will arrive in London to become Londoners and to fulfil their dreams and achieve their potential."

"They choose to come to London, as so many have come before because they come to be free, they come to live the life they choose, they come to be able to be themselves. They flee you because you tell them how they should live. They don't want that and nothing you do, however many of us you kill, will stop that flight to our city where freedom is strong and where people can live in harmony with one another. Whatever you do, however many you kill, you will fail."

-- Ken Livingstone - Mayor of London


magnus_gaarde's picture

Just got the new Beck album 'Guero' today and it's playing on the stereo right now. It's cool.

paul d hunt's picture

well last night, it was Michael Buble in concert. now i've got jazz standards playin in my head.

Dan Weaver's picture

Paul go over to WBGO.org and listen to the live streaming and you will be hooked.

Miss Tiffany's picture

a little rock: keane, snow patrol, the killers, franz ferdinand, embrace, blur, bush, the bravery, doves, the vines


some led zeppelin and def leppard for good measure


Duckworth's picture

Nice one Tiffany, you've got to love the bands coming out of the UK recently.

At the moment I'm into The Doves (the Last Broadcast being their best work to date - Some Cities gets (imho) overrated reviews and doesn't live up to the hype). Saw them recently and they're great. My new favourite band is The Magic Numbers, they're also great live. Other than that, Royksopp are great as background electronica. Not feeling the latest Coldplay album quite yet, though. James Blunt's also getting a lot of airplay in our house due to my girlfriend - and REM (they played Nottingham last week and were superb). Oh, I mustn't leave out Athlete who are well worth a listen.

Joe Pemberton's picture

Tiff, you had me up until Def Leppard... =)

Speaking of the UK... I found this podcast, Not Your Usual Bollocks (iTunes link requires v4.9). Very tasty, half hour block of various indie tracks with very little talk. The host plays some obscure stuff (to my ears) - Brit electronica, German electronic. He mixes in just enough recognizable stuff from Kasabian, Autolux, Aphex Twin, to keep it at least a tad familiar. Very highly recommended! (Isn't it rare to find a podcast you can actually recommend?)

jupiterboy's picture

Katamari Damacy Soundtrack.


This tends to stick to you. Really a J-Pop sampler but thematically written around the game, which you should play if you have a PS2.

Other tips.

1.) Scott Walker 3
2.) Robert Wyatt Cuckoland
3.) Brian Wilson Smile and the other bookend Van Dyke Parks Song Cycle
4.) Jim O'Rourke Eureka

None of this is really new but so good, and back in rotation at the moment.

Miss Tiffany's picture

Ah, c'mon. What's like with out a little hairband? =^D Their 'best of' was released on iTunes and I found myself having a flashback to torn jeans, black leather, and big hair. =^D

fredo's picture

As someone who once fancied himself as something of a godsent curator of mixtapes, saving dozen of lost souls from Marillion, Pink Floyd, Lynyrd skynyrd, Grunge, well schooled musicians in general and those who kept their flute in a legholster in particular, well You can imagine my frustration when the display window of my 20G iPod threw in the towel. If I wanted an iMammoth shuffle i'd asked for it OK?
Is it... Townes van Zandt or is it Guy Clark? I'm completely lost for most of the time.

I take some comfort in a group I constantly return to; the Go-betweens. I've bought their latest album, Oceans apart, and mix it with some of their old stuff, at my agency's error-prone cd-shuffler. It's a sweet, sweet band.


Zara Evens's picture

Tiffany, I am right there with the Def Leppard. I have a secret collection of Def Leppard on vinyl and am always on the hunt for old paraphernalia, such as t-shirts and pins. Every once in a while I pull out the ole' "Historia" video colleciton on VHS, that is when I am near a VCR, which is rare. And then I totally play air guitar and imagine what my life would be like if I had followed my teen-age dream and married Joe Elliot. It is a sickness…

Sampling a lot of new stuff right now, but there are a couple of albums I can't stop listening to that should make it onto this year's list of best releases:

Sufjan Stevens, Come on, feel the Illinoise! Beautiful, dramatic, a truly stunning piece of work. Highly recommended!
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Debut release. A few of us TypeCon attendees are lucky enough to have nabbed the very last tickets for a sold-out show next week in Brooklyn, all thanks to my favorite ghost.

paul d hunt's picture

lots of east indian stuff:
The Frequent Flyer : Bombay Collection
DJ Cheb i Sabbah &
Kiran Ahluwalia

Tiff, can you hit the India Festival for me since i'm so far away from Spanish Fork? And then Bombay House, mmmmm i miss that place!

...oh, and some shameless self-promotion: ya'll should definately check out The William Caslon Experience. Free CD with the purchace of the font family.

jim_rimmer's picture

Bix Beiderbecke, Sydney Bechet, Louis Armstrong, Gjango Reinhardt

and cat recovering from surgery


jim_rimmer's picture

Django. Sorry


dave bailey's picture

My new favorites are from Iceland nonetheless: Sigur Rós and Múm

Other stuff I've been listening to has been really chill music/trip hop like:

Boards Of Canada
Thievery Corporation
Sound Tribe Sector 9
Telefon Tel Aviv
DJ Shadow
Four Tet

Oh and a recent obsesion with the Finnish band: H.I.M.

That's really it!

paul d hunt's picture

which 4tet?

for me it's russian today: Ivanushki International

dave bailey's picture

which 4tet?


Stephen Coles's picture

I encourage all to join Last.fm -- the music community site. (Here's my page.) Then join the Typophiles group and we can all listen to each other.

dave bailey's picture

I just requested to join that group Stephen, only my handle is grafixforlife :D

Chris Rugen's picture

Rounds is such a stunning album.

Now I'm queueing it up.

Now I'm listening to it.

Now I'm smiling a little.


dave bailey's picture

Rounds is such a stunning album.
Now I’m queueing it up.
Now I’m listening to it.
Now I’m smiling a little.

AND you're in Philly too, it must be something in the air that makes us love this album! ;)

Chris Rugen's picture

It's this gorgeous weather. I've moved on to The K&D Sessions now.

fredo's picture

I encourage all to join Last.fm — the music community site. (Here’s my page.) Then join the Typophiles group and we can all listen to each other. (Stephen Coles)

Just signed in. Consider me a Hangaround.


Stephen Coles's picture

fredo and David are in. C'mon everybody. We only need 4 more members to churn out stats and a radio station.

Miss Tiffany's picture

Ok I'm interested. Look for typegirl.

I'm currently listening to The William Caslon Experience and loving it!

adnix's picture

Since I upgraded my iTunes a few months ago, I've been listening to a lot of podcasts. Even though I haven't bought a comic book in years, I've been into Comic Geek Speak. They put on a pretty entertaining podcast that doesn't get too into minutae.

Bought Unchained by Johnny Cash on iTunes last week. It was only $6.99! Can't beat that.

Way too much U2, both official and live bootlegs

Also, Everything But the Girl, Coldplay, Ella Fitzgerald, Bebel Gilberto, etc.

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